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We spoke at length about the improved matchmaker in the Common Test announcement. How It Works The improved matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind. Its goal is to get you in a battle quick and make sure the two teams it assembles are: Comparable in their aggregate combat parameters Diverse in vehicle types and versatile enough to provide an engaging gaming experience Balanced in a way that gives both sides a chance at victory To do so the system analyzes vehicles in the queue and chooses one out of a set of templates; server-side algorithms with team makeups that define the tier spread and vehicle distribution at the top, middle and bottom of the list. The variant you land depends on the queue composition, but whichever you get, there will be no battles where vehicles in the middle are outnumbered by those at the top. No fewer vehicles in the middle than at the top No fewer vehicles at the bottom than in the middle This way, the matchmaker ensures that regardless of your position on the list, there are always enough players in the same position on your team to have a real chance in battle. In this case, you can get a two-level or single-level battle. However, if it sees that this will have you waiting for quite a while, it will match you into a battle with a suitable tier split. Creating a Battle Step 1. Defining the battle tier spread and game mode.

Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

Improving Matchmaking Last year we launched Prime Matchmaking with the goal of providing a better matchmaking experience. Initially the system simply matched players who linked CS: GO with a unique phone number. Later, the system additionally required in-game experience players needed to reach rank As these constraints were added, the Prime status created a hard boundary in the CS:

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Comments Shares Dota 2 overload! Last night, Valve’s Dota 2 beta got leaked. A Vietnamese tester just went ahead and dumped the files on the internet without a care in the world. You probably saw your first glimpse of Dota 2 at the Gamescom tournament, previously streamed live , but not that much of the modes, characters, sound files, 3D models and spells.

You probably didn’t notice the hints at Episode 3 hidden within the code either. Oh didn’t you hear? The Dota 2 client also contained the first bit of new Episode 3 info since The leak has been extremely fruitful so far. Here’s what we’ve got: Arguably most interesting for Episode 3 fans is the slightly cryptic raw code pulled from the leak.

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Between the three pages we cover everything you need to do to understand the issues and hopefully fix as many as possible. Will add more as we find them. Xbox Make sure friends list is below Date of birth of your account not set so you are older than Uninstall previous version of FIFA.

Oct 11,  · Warband matchmaking is a system developed which allows a style of practice that is closer to the format which players experience in tournament matches.

Freshly unlocked vehicles will also get a bonus to combat rating, making them meet easier opponents still. In a unit of two or three vehicles, the matchmaker always considers the highest rating for the purpose of determining what vehicles the platoon meets in battle. In theory, if a tier 1 vehicle forms a platoon with a tier 2 vehicle, the matchmaker will put such a platoon together with other vehicles with tier 2 combat rating.

The situation where vehicles of significantly different enter battles together tiers however is not desirable and there will be measures in place to prevent the creation of such units — only vehicles within certain, rather narrow rating range will be allowed to enter battles together in platoons. Creating a battle Once a player enters the match queue from his garage, his vehicle is handed over to the matchmaking mechanism.

The matchmaker will first try to place the vehicle immediately to an already formed battle group with an appropriate rating range — if no such group is available, after a certain period of time the matchmaker will take the player and form a new battle group around him. In other words — if a seeder drives a tier 5 tank with its default rating of points, only the vehicles with to rating are allowed to join at first.

If the matchmaker is able to fill this battle group with suitable tanks of appropriate rating, the battle is started as usual. This expansion however is usually artificially limited — before the rating range expansion reaches values that would allow vehicles of three tiers higher to join, the group is usually disbanded and the matchmaker attempts to redistribute the vehicles from that particular group to other groups immediately.

Platoons are subjected to the same rules although the matchmaker will always attempt to match them with other platoons on the opposite team. This is not a hard rule however and can be broken if the platoon spends too much time in the queue. The matchmaker also accounts for vehicle classes and limitations. Currently, there is a hard limit set for artillery class vehicles — there cannot be more than three per team.

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First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn credits e.

Exiting battle after countdown There is a penalty for XP earning, but only if the tank has not yet been destroyed.

The US West server is impossible to find a match and when I try joining other servers if I’m able to join any game it is usually a poor connection. It is not working as of last night.

No more than 3 SPGs per team If you joined us in the Sandbox, you already know the limit of no more than 3 arty per side balances combat interplay between SPGs and other vehicles. Both stats and feedback show that it injects combat with extra fun and variety, and decreases camping, encouraging more active gameplay.

Fewer map dupes The improved matchmaker reduces the number of map dupes with a new logic. It analyzes maps that tankers from the two newly created teams played over the last 10 battles. Then, it places them on a map none of them have seen in the last few sessions. This new map rotation logic is relevant for maps used in the Standard mode Random Battles. Assault and Encounter Battles are only played across a limited number of maps.

So, if you have them flagged, maps will repeat more often. If it sees that this will have you waiting for quite a while, it will match you into a battle with a suitable tier split. In a nutshell, they are little fun whether you drive them or fight them. The latter camp often suffers from sudden, crippling damage, making you question the point of all the effort you put into playing.

Does it require more or less effort to push a loaded wheelbarrow over hard level ground than to turn around and pull it? What about when the ground is soft? Surely the clear lens would let the light through rather than casting a shadow?

“PUBG’s” Xbox Test Server is live again, which gives players free access to Miramar for a limited time. Here are the dates, times and other details you should know.

Why not limit it to 2? Edit At the suggestion of magicmerl, I’m including a post a made that summarizes the discussion up to the second page: Of course I only know the thoughts of people who post here, but it seems clear at the bare minimum that there is unanimous agreement that “reducing the number of selectable matchmaking regions to 6″ does not solve the problem of playing with teammates who do not speak your language.

The question is to what should we further reduce the number. On the other extreme, selecting a maximum of 1 region, while not a literal region lock as the player can choose any one region, runs into the problem of those very few players who complain that pure region locks prevent them from playing with friends on other continents. So the choice is 2, 3, 4, or 5.

I initially proposed 2, and I gave my reasons here. A good point was made that the ten matchmaking regions can roughly be combined into three continents with three regions each – Americas, Europe, and Asia – with the lone South African server making do for that continent as a whole. It seems that three could be the least offensive compromise. Well, Valve, you decreased it from 10 to 6. Try 6 to 3, and let’s see how reduced complaints about queuing with Spanish-speaking South Americans, Brazilians, and Russians are.

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Answers go live every other Thursday at 1: Ask Riot Thank you for submitting a question! Matchmaking Real Talk Why do stomps happen?

This is not resolved. I can’t even make a private match and invite the person in the same room as me. Neither of us can create online either. Every time it says it can’t connect to the server. REALLY DISAPPOINTING.

State of War Robots: We added Leagues, Custom Games, new UI tech and new economy tools, 3 new maps, 5 new robots 8 if you count Wild Bunch , 2 new modes and many things of lesser calibre. We also learned a lot. How we should manage new releases, how we approach balance, how we communicate with you guys — these and many other lessons we aim to carry into the future. Lessons on communication are probably the biggest ones here. What we made in have opened up a way for many things that War Robots players wanted to have — and we wanted to make!

State of War Robots: our 2018 resolutions

Sometimes I get the short end of the stick, but miraculously I managed to win several games when I thought I had a crappy loadout. The other player doesn’t have a lot of knowledge with the towers so they don’t have a good idea on what to rush me with, and in turn they don’t rush me at all. As for the slowmo, it could be possible that they have a bad connection. This could also explain the ‘hackers’ in this game, which I scare quote here because it may look like they’re losing lives but don’t.

Mar 27,  · Boards > Gaming > Xbox Lobby > Titanfall servers and matchmaking > Has been working fine today and last night. Haven’t had any trouble getting on to a server and into a game. Mayday67, Mar.

Fortnite Server Status — update: That should please many folks. Unfortunately, 50v50 v2 has been delayed. Epic Games has announced Fortnite is back up and running properly, after a number of hours offline. In a continued effort to keep the servers stable, however, the studio is delaying the release of 50v50 v2 Limited Time Mode. Set to go live today, due to the account service issues the game has been experiencing, the mode will instead release next week.

Many PS4 players are also reporting the ability to jump in, and queue times are a bit all over the place. Keep that in mind when when trying to log in.

Real-Time Matchmaking and Player Lobby

Balloon level 7 In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie!

Nylon views 7 applies to me, my friend over this game together a server. When i felt like the last of us cannot connect to go to matchmaking server a co-op game together and forums and we can.

There is a pretty nifty tournament system on Kodai right now, but there’s one issue which pisses off almost everyone – long queue times. To make matters worse, we forced players to idle in a waiting area before a new match started, and in knock-out tournaments matches could last up to 20 mins. Dying in this mode was infuriating. Nobody wants to idle for half an hour in a barricaded waiting area.

So right off the bat we decided you had to be able to queue up for the arena system from anywhere in the game world. This way, you can go on with your slayer task or whatever else you might want to do until your queue pops. Enter the Arena Currently there’s 3 arena brackets: Once you create your arena team, you can invite up to 6 players, that way you can play with multiple people in your arena team even if some are offline. Note that your team and every member in it will have an independent elo rating.

The Map Our resident map god Skill managed to create a brand new arena map which we can instance with our dynamic region system to support multiple ongoing arena sessions without any interference. Queuing up To queue up for an arena match, open up the Arena interface and click Play.

The Last Of Us Multiplayer – Matchmaking Issues