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The steps to finding books, journal articles or other types of resouces on a specific topic are outlined in the following pages. Doing research can be messy! But research skills improve with time and practice. Start here and ask for help when needed. We’ve got you covered! Check out the Faculty and Instructors page for information specific to your Library needs. I am your Librarian, here to help you with formulating a search query, finding resources, performing a literature review, finding a journal to publish your article in, weighing your publishing options – and so much more! Please contact me to book a personal appointment when you have a question.


Nic Walker The first thing you need to know about quantum mechanics is that it’s OK if you find it confusing. Trudeau’s slick response notwithstanding, the quantum world is by definition beyond the lived experience of human beings. Some of the best minds in history have struggled with it.

Saturday, May 11 to Saturday May 18, at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. Cost There is a $ registration fee, including applicable taxes, to be paid after invited applicants have received their confirmation package.

Blog post by Mike Spry Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links. These allegations are serious, and will be treated seriously,” Shepard said. Latest on this story: Spry said one professor he knew “rented a hotel room at a Montreal literary festival so that he could entertain young writers away from his house and family.

Concordia has taken several steps to improve its environment in recent years, Shepard said Monday, adding those efforts remain ‘a work in progress. She also couldn’t confirm if any professors had been suspended or shifted out of teaching positions. Everybody who attends there is aware of this culture,” she said.

O’Neill said it’s unfortunate that it took allegations from a man to get the university to respond. The entire editorial process was just riddled with him trying to sleep with me,” she said.

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Blog home World’s top universities The US boasts the most reputable universities in the world according to a new global reputation ranking out today. The list published today by the Times Higher Education , is the first of its kind looking solely at the reputations of institutions for teaching and research.

I feel like its defining feature of Waterloo from every other university offering health sciences. I’m not just looking for an education to prepare me for a future in medicine or another health related career, but the experience to prepare me for this field.

History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular. Scroll down and see what treasures you can discover. Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.

Volta’s pile was at first a technical curiosity but this new electrochemical phenomenon very quickly opened the door to new branches of both physics and chemistry and a myriad of discoveries, inventions and applications. The electronics, computers and communications industries, power engineering and much of the chemical industry of today were founded on discoveries made possible by the battery.

Pioneers It is often overlooked that throughout the nineteenth century, most of the electrical experimenters, inventors and engineers who made these advances possible had to make their own batteries before they could start their investigations. They did not have the benefit of cheap, off the shelf, mass produced batteries.

For many years the telegraph, and later the telephone, industries were the only consumers of batteries in modest volumes and it wasn’t until the twentieth century that new applications created the demand that made the battery a commodity item. In recent years batteries have changed out of all recognition. No longer are they simple electrochemical cells.

Today the cells are components in battery systems, incorporating electronics and software, power management and control systems, monitoring and protection circuits, communications interfaces and thermal management. At the end of the fourth millennium B.

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University of Waterloo — The University of Waterloo is a public research university with a main campus in Waterloo, Ontario. The main campus is on hectares of land in Uptown Waterloo, the university offers academic programs administered by six faculties and ten faculty-based schools. The university also operates four campuses and four affiliated university colleges.

Waterloo is a member of the U15, a group of universities in Canada. University of Waterloo is most famous for its education programs. University of Waterloo operates the largest post secondary program of its kind in the world.

The University of Waterloo-Environmental Isotope Laboratory (UW-EIL), a research group within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, develops and applies isotope technology to the UW-EIL resources are used primarily in the fields of Earth Sciences and Biology.

Their “Where’s the Bear” initiative uses a multitier, cloud, edge, and sensing system that combines innovations in machine learning-based image processing to automatically classify animals in images captured by remote, motion-triggered camera traps. The team used these synthetic images to train their device to automatically and accurately identify and classify animals, helping scientists aggregate and analyze more than 1 million images dating back years.

The BIGDATA program funds research in computer science, statistics, computational science, and mathematics designed to advance the frontiers of data science. BIGDATA also supports work on innovative applications that leverage data science advances to improve knowledge in domains such as the social and behavioral sciences, education, biology, the physical sciences, and engineering.

Warren February 6, Researchers at the University of California, Riverside UCR recently examined the anti-ad blocking environment and what can be done to improve it. They ran several concurrent experiments, including a differential execution analysis to automatically detect and analyze anti-ad blockers that collected execution traces by visiting a website with and without ad blockers to measure the different in-browser experiences. This revealed anti-ad blockers on 30 percent of the Alexa top 10, sites, marking a percent increase over the most recently reported figures.

The researchers used the findings to develop software tools, including JavaScript rewriting and application programming interface hooking-based solutions to help ad blockers bypass state-of-the-art anti-ad blockers. The technology will help users retrieve results that are more accurate and natural, enhance the overall search and translation functionality, and positively impact agriculture, healthcare, education, and governance across India.

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Waterloo , Canada University of Waterloo Triposo is Your Smart Travel Guide Discover and book hotels, restaurants and local experiences in 50, destinations worldwide. Triposo works offline so you can wander freely. Save The University of Waterloo is a public research university with a main campus in Waterloo, Ontario. The main campus is on ha of land adjacent to “Uptown” Waterloo and Waterloo Park.

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How do you navigate the dating world when some view your ethnicity as a fetish? This Week’s Circulars Um When she processed his words later, she became even more disgusted with the racial remark. In fact, aside from sex, she says, he seemed to look down on her race. She began to feel like she was being racially fetishized — that is, sexually objectified as an exotic fantasy. Today, Baker, 24, still encounters men who fetishize her ethnicity.

Some have gone as far as to use the N-word around her, thinking that dating a person of colour makes it OK for them to say it. She feels like they are not seeking out a relationship based on an actual personality, they are basing it solely on race. Racial fetishization exists across genders and ethnicities. According to a University of Cambridge paper on racial fetishes, the cause stems from a history of racial oppression that indoctrinated our society with racism and negative stereotypes, thereby nurturing a culture of more often men— but sometimes women — who simply view ethnicity as a sexual fantasy.

The paper makes the distinction between racial fetishes and unconventional obsessions — for, say, clothing or body parts — because the former reduces the person to a sexual object. In that sense, year-old Maggie Chang is way ahead.

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Share shares Scientists have long thought our ancestors did not start raising crops until 12, years ago, although a study earlier this year suggested it dawned much earlier with the first cultivation beginning 23, years ago on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Monogamy is a trait present in just three per cent of mammal species, and for a long time scientists have wondered why it evolved in humans. Now a study shows monogamy emerged in early farmers after ‘sleeping around’ became too risky because of genital herpes, gonorrhea pictured and other diseases Scientists have long thought our ancestors did not start raising crops until 12, years ago, although a study earlier this year suggested it dawned much earlier with the first cultivation beginning 23, years ago.

Whenever it was, as hunter gatherers began living in bigger groups the spread of STIs became a risk But, whenever this was, as hunter gatherers began living in bigger farming groups the spread of STIs may explain a shift towards the emergence of preferring one sexual partner over many.

The University of Waterloo Science Fiction Club (WatSFiC) runs a number of Magic: The Gathering tournaments on campus every week.

Share this article Share ‘During the process of testing the complex signalling, we identified an issue in this safety-critical system which we are working to resolve. Network Rail said it expected the chaos at Britain’s busiest station to be resolved by noon This photo shows the major works undertaken at Waterloo, with platforms being extended Speaking at Waterloo station, one year-old man, an engineer with McClaren, said: There’s been no information. It’s normal in a situation like this.

You just have to wait. You never get any information. I’m used to it. There’s no other choice really. I was told all the work would be finished by yesterday evening but it’s been delayed again and again.

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