Mr. Disco Ch. 8

Big Time Movie In late , there was news that a television film based on the television series was going to premiere. However, a promo did not air until February Throughout the whole weekend, the movie drew Big Time Rush ‘s debut album, B. Iyaz on iTunes July These songs were bonus tracks on their album “Elevate”. Occasionally, full versions of the videos are featured. The show incorporates wacky sound effects, some laugh -like noises, music, and editing cuts designed to make it more humorous to the intended demographic of viewers age 10 to 18; [8] this was also typical of creator Scott Fellows’ previous work on Nickelodeon. However, the show does not have a laugh track. Big Time Rush has released 3 albums, B.

Mr. Disco Ch. 8

Kendall found herself making a series of excuses on the beach as to why they wouldn’t work together, but Joe called her out for simply being unaware of her feelings for him or not reciprocating them at all. Joe therefore left Paradise confused and heartbroken, while Kendall clearly felt there was more she could have said and the pair had unfinished business.

So I thought I can’t cling to one person the entire time. My fear was thinking, okay it’s great on Paradise, but it freaked me out to think I would invest myself in him and then it would break apart after the romantic beach vacation was over. And that is something I do regret. But where Joe and I ended on the beach is definitely not the end of our story.

Jo’s publicist wants the press to think she’s dating her new co-star, so Kendall and Jo must sneak around and hide their relationship! Carlos and James are desperate to date Lucy, while Kendall tries to prove that BTR can rock too. Big Time Rush has just dropped their second album and the guys get interviewed on an entertainment tonight.

Main characters[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. September Kendall Knight[ edit ] Kendall Knight Kendall Schmidt is the leader and founder of Big Time Rush despite being the youngest when he accepts to move to Los Angeles and record demos only if Gustavo brings James, Carlos, and Logan along to make them all a band.

He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together. He manages to stay cool under pressure described as “Cool Rush” and figure out solutions to problems, thus often resulting in the other guys running to Kendall when they have a problem, being the most mature and responsible member of Big Time Rush. Kendall keeps a great relationship with his mother and his younger sister, Katie, who helps him and his friends whenever they get into trouble.

He is quite affectionate towards Katie, as she is always there to help him and vice versa. Kendall’s mother is the only parent shown on a regular basis while his father is not mentioned. Kendall has a crush on Jo from the very beginning she came to L. They keep the longest relationship on the series until Jo accepts a three-year movie deal to New Zealand and moves there thus breaking up with Kendall.

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Jett Stetson is a major antagonist in the Nickelodeon television series Big Time Rush. He is a cocky and arrogant teen actor who is Kendall Knight’s archenemy and seems obsessed with Kendall’s girlfriend Jo Taylor. He and Jo are co-stars on a in universe tv show “New Town High”. Role in the.

And after seemingly confirming their romantic reunion when they were pictured kissing at a football match earlier this week, Lucy-Jo Hudson has revealed she’s working on her marriage to Coronation Street favourite Alan Halsall An official statement from Lucy-Jo was issued to Loose Women on Thursday, with presenter Ruth Langsford doing the honours and reading the good news out. Scroll down for video Giving their love a second chance: The news received an enthusiastic response from the audience and fans on social media, who were delighted the couple were giving things another go.

The former Corrie star was clearly impressed with the efforts Alan had gone to in order to impress her Lucy further confirmed the news by posting about her romantic weekend minibreak on Twitter. Beautiful setting, amazing food, wonderful service luckygirl’, she exclaimed. This comes after Alan appeared to confirm that his marriage is very much back on, as he marked the actress’ 33rd birthday with a gushing post on Twitter on Wednesday. Publicly doting his wife, the Coronation Street star also revealed plans to whisk his long-time love away for a romantic break to Paris.

Jett Stetson

Report Story Here’s the new chapter! I’m really excited because it’s about to get really interesting as James and Carlos come up with a plan and put it into investigation, and Carlos will begin solving more mysteries surrounding the situation, and maybe Kendall and Logan will eventually catch on? I think you’re really sweet and cute, but I just want to focus on my career right now. I’m about to start filming a new show for the CW, so I’m super busy As he looked around at the quiet lobby, he found himself thinking.

He had been getting quite a few calls from his mother, asking where he was, and he had to explain to her that he couldn’t tell where he was.

Kendall Knight. Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) is the leader and founder of Big Time Rush (despite being the youngest) when he accepts to move to Los Angeles and record demos only if Gustavo brings James, Carlos, and Logan along to make them all a band. He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together. He manages to stay cool under pressure (described as “Cool Rush”) and figure out.

The boys routinely come into conflict with their overbearing, outrageous, hard-driving but successful producer, Gustavo Rocque Stephen Kramer Glickman , and his well-meaning assistant Kelly Wainwright Tanya Chisholm , while trying to impress Gustavo’s boss, Arthur Griffin Matt Riedy , so that they can become successful. Griffin is portrayed as an executive who is largely clueless about the music industry, although he is often the final decision maker, and he is also surrounded by yes-men and is overly caught up in the trappings of executive “perks”.

The boys also frequently come into conflict with “Mr. Bitters” David Anthony Higgins , the manager of the Palm Woods, a self-important middle manager who delights in catching Palm Woods residents in the act of breaking the many Palm Woods rules. He constantly threatens to evict the boys and various other residents for rule violations. They get mixed up through various issues and adventures as they live in Los Angeles. List of Big Time Rush characters.

Kendall Knight Kendall Schmidt – Kendall is the “proclaimed leader” of the group and is normal, understandable, and smart. Gustavo chose Kendall as his singer in Big Time Audition, but Kendall talked Gustavo into letting him, James, Carlos, and Logan become a singing group so he wouldn’t have to leave his friends behind. For example, in the episode Big Time Fever, Kendall is the only one in the band without “Hollywood Fever” because he is always a normal kid, and he is also the one who makes sure the guys remembers where their roots were when they had all changed from “Hollywood Fever” — which they find out is actually just a term for home sickness.

He is also known for himself ending up in awkward situations. For example, in the episode “Big Time Sparks” he would be caught with Jordin Sparks on all of the dates he sets up with Jo.

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Miami, Florida A hot afternoon had melted away what was previously a chilly morning. With Peter in Miami for business, they scheduled a meeting with John Varga for the day. With Lucy at his side, Nigel went on to meet with Varga back at his mansion. The famed photographer had a habit of doing everything from the walls of his luxury home. After a few hours, it felt like an eternity of waiting through a game of three men upstairs arguing business deals.

Lucy found herself in the living room alone with nothing much to do but sit around and wait while drinking tea. She had no idea what was going on outside the mansion as Nigel and Peter stood their ground in a discussion with John Varga all by himself. He did not expect Varga to be a man who would shake his head and tell him no. They stood near the swimming pool, their reflections visible among the surface of the waters.

Peter continued speaking for Nigel. Taylor would like to work something out while he is in Miami, maybe we could reschedule something for later? His work as a photographer was long celebrated and just his name alone had weight in the fashion industry.

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Going to see Jo in New Zealand. I see Jo filming. Kendall’s date with Lucy. I go back and see Kendall dating Lucy. Kendall tries to win me back. I take Kendall back. Listening to Lucy’s song about Kendall. Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. My Birthday. Jo Taylors Cousin Kendall and I start dating.

Photo by Michael Brosilow. Josephine is the nice girl. Nice Girl is beautifully written, sometimes humorous, sometimes wrenchingly poignant. Its dialogue is spot-on natural. I imagine any woman in the audience, for instance, was taken back, as I was, to arguments with my own mother, who constantly annoyed me even though I loved her dearly. The main story belongs to Josephine Lucy Carapetyan , a middle-aged woman who has lived at home all but eight months of her life.

Twenty years ago, she spent eight months going to Radcliffe College on a scholarship, a sign that someone was ready to invest in her future. Since then, she has lived at home with her hypochondriac mother, working in a clerical job for an insurance firm. Her mother Lynne Baker yearns for her daughter to meet the right man, get married and have grandchildren. Mom was almost in the Rockettes—she had a inch waist! And Josephine yearns to go somewhere—Paris, perhaps, or Milwaukee or Phoenix.

Martin, Carapetyan and Baker. She befriends Jo and encourages her to dress up, make up and hit the singles bars with her.

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MusicandWritingforever What happens when Camille finds out she is pregnant with Logan’s baby. Story better than summary, please read and review Rated: I know I have my other one but I kept getting this idea for this story in my head when I went to write, so maybe when I write this, I can finally work on my other story. Well this is my first Big Time Rush story and I’m very excited.

So if I get something wrong don’t hate me.

When Jo brings her fake boyfriend to meet Kendall, Kendall finally gets her to admit that she was lying. Kendall and Jo get angry at each other and walk away, but when Kendall later asks her out, she says yes. Kendall & Jo go to a Judo class.

Click To Help Joker! The Joker believes this article is lacking a certain flair – namely some good quality images.. He is a cocky and arrogant teen actor who is Kendall Knight’s archenemy and seems obsessed with Kendall’s girlfriend Jo Taylor. He and Jo are co-stars on a in universe tv show “New Town High”. Role in the show Jett is first introduced in the season two premire. As soon as Kendell shows up at the Palm Woods Hotel, he sees Jett and Jo hugging and misinterprets it, until he realizes they are rehearsing a script.

He cools down at first, but he later learns that Jett is famous for dating all of his co-stars, fueling Kendall’s parinoia. Kendall’s paranoia causes his and Jo’s relationship to fall into jeopardy, until Jo ultimatly sides with Kendall when Jett tries to nonchalantly ask her out.

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Edit Kendall is a 18 year old who is the appointed leader and top schemer of the band. He is portrayed as the glue that keeps them together. Despite Logan being the genius of the group, it is Kendall who manages to stay cool under pressure and figure out the solutions to the problems that he has and his friends have, often resulting in the other guys going to Kendall when they can’t solve their problems.

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Concerned that Gustavo is spread too thin the boys try to hire a top music manager. Unable to agree, the four split and a rift quickly escalates within the band. James, desperate for attention, creates an internet rumor that he and Cher Lloyd are recording a duet. Episode 3 Big Time Lies The guys are caught in a web of lies. Kendall has to keep Jo from discovering Lucy has returned to the Palm Woods.

Logan’s fib about being sick turns into a medical emergency and Carlos and James claim Rocque Records was robbed. Episode 4 Big Time Bonus Gustavo gives the guys a bonus for their hard work, but they quickly begin to make bad decisions with their money. Kendall is a terrible actor, Carlos pursues the show’s teen star, and Logan and James end up getting into a fight with Yo Gabba Gabba.

They may get there in time, but it won’t be easy. Episode 8 Big Time Rides James continues his pursuit of Lucy and buys a motorcycle in order to impress her, but he doesn’t know how to drive it. Episode 10 Big Time Cartoon The guys are pitched a kids cartoon show but instead do a video game to expand their brand. A mix-up while wearing motion capture suits puts them at the center of an extraterrestrial news story.

Mr. Disco Ch. 8

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Kendall is ready to ask out Lucy, but Jo unexpectedly shows up and Kendall has to decide which girl is the one for him. Meanwhile Carlos and James’ friendship is put to the test. TV-G Subtitles and Closed Captions Language: English Runtime: 22 minutes Release date: September 29,

Lucy Kendall was a caseworker for Child Protection Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for ten years before she gave up the job, infuriated by all the child abuse she observed Lucy is now a private detective – and secret avenger – who tracks down and kills men who sexually abuse kids To Lucy, this is akin to ‘taking out the trash’ and doesn’t prick her conscience at all.

Lucy’s obsession with child abuse stems, in part, from past events. Lucy’s big sister Lily committed suicide at fifteen, after years of sexual abuse by her mother’s boyfriend. Afterwards, when the abuser tried to touch Lily, she took a baseball bat to his head and put him in the hospital.

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